Programs Description

Yoga & Fit

Our in-house Yoga & Fit program consists of Yoga and RockFit classes. We are designing the curriculum to be a solid foundation that can be used for life through the positive impact, developing motor skills and cognitive potential.

By focusing on cardio workout and the well-being of kids and teens, it paves way for them to continue a healthy lifestyle as adults. The RockStar Identity classes are considered to be the pioneer in the Kids fitness world.


Level & Age

Baby Yoga 1 to 3 yrs

Yoga 4 to 7 yrs

Yoga 6 to 12 yrs

Yoga 11+ yrs

Duration 45 minutes
Benefits Enhance parent & child relationship, core strength, discipline, self confidence
Skills Learned Introduce basic Yoga movement, stretching, breathing
Curriculum Rockstar Gym Curriculum


A group exercise class that combines gymnastics and bodyweight calisthenics to develop children/teens general Physical Skills that train their core muscles, speed, strength, endurance, balance, coordination and teamwork in fun and exciting ways through partner games and activities.

Level & Age

RockFit 4-6 yrs

RockFit 6-12 yrs

RockFit 13+ yrs

Duration 45 minutes

Train the core muscles, speed, strength, endurance, balance, coordination and teamwork, avert childhood obesity, increase their demand of strength, stamina, perseverance

Skills Learned  Jumping, running, skipping, push-up, sit-up, long runs, sprints, gymnastics movements,
Curriculum  RockStar Gym Curriculum



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