Programs Description

Yoga & Fit

Our in-house Yoga & Fit program consists of Yoga and RockFit classes. We are designing the curriculum to be a solid foundation that can be used for life through the positive impact, developing motor skills and cognitive potential.

By focusing on cardio workout and the well-being of kids and teens, it paves way for them to continue a healthy lifestyle as adults. The RockStar Identity classes are considered to be the pioneer in the Kids fitness world.


Level & Age

Baby Yoga 1 to 3 yrs

Yoga 4 to 7 yrs

Yoga 6 to 12 yrs

Yoga 11+ yrs

Duration 45 minutes
Benefits Enhance parent & child relationship, core strength, discipline, self confidence
Skills Learned Introduce basic Yoga movement, stretching, breathing
Curriculum Rockstar Gym Curriculum



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