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There is a variety of Sports program, such as futsal, swimming, tennis, and basketball. We adopting international curriculum and also Rockstar Gym curriculum into our sports curriculum. We design the program to be a solid foundation that can be used for life through the positive impact, developing motor skills and cognitive potential, while understanding the rules and strategy of all sports. They will also learn how to cope with winning and losing. We divide our program into Regular class (for students who wants to do sports only for workout and fun), Academy class (for students who wants to take the sports in another level and there will be an event to compete internally in inner gym competition), Team class (for students who are chosen by the coach, due to their focus and talent to compete externally against team from another RockStar Branches and there is a possibility to compete against sport team outside RockStar Gym) and Elite Team-only for Basketball for now (taken from the best students from all RockStar Gym’s branches to be trained as RockStar Team to compete externally against other sport group outside RockStar Gym)

Level & Age

Futsal U7

Futsal U12

Futsal U16

Duration 50 minutes
Benefits Creativity, improvisation, coordination
Skills Learned Passing, dribbling, kicking
Curriculum Base Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) 
Level & Age

Mom & Me Beginner - 6 mo to 35 mo

Mom & Me Intermediate - 3 to 4 yrs

Mom & Me Advance - 5 - 6 yrs

Stroke Development Level 1-up 

Duration 50 minutes
Benefits Overcome fear of water, improves baby's cardiovascular fitness, stimulates baby's appetites, provides babies with lots of skin-to-skin contact with parents that psychologists say may deepen the bond between parent and child. Endurance, coordination, independence, self-confidence, understanding of basic swimming techniques and water safety awareness.
Skills Learned Submersions, turning, front float, back float, comfort in water. Breath control, streamlined float, dog paddling, safety awareness.
Curriculum Base Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association Curriculum & RockStar Gym Curriculum
Level & Age

Tennis  U7

Tennis U12

Tennis U16

Duration 50 minutes
Benefits Burn calories, improve coordination, cardiovascular fitness, gross and fine motor controls.
Skills Learned Forehand, backhand, overhand, footwork.
Curriculum Base International Curriculum & Rockstar Gym Curriculum
Level & Age

Basketball U7

Basketball U12

Basketball U16

Duration 50 minutes
Benefits Burn calories, improve coordination, improve balance, endurance, coordination, confidence, team work, following directions.
Skills Learned Shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding, footwork.
Curriculum Base FIBA (Federation International Basketball Association)



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