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Gymnastics is a sport involving all of the main muscle groups. Students of all ages learn to exercise their bodies as well their minds. Our non-competitive and competitive Gymnastics class programs are based on the USAG Jr. Olympic Program, divided by age & ability levels so that your child can develop strength, coordination & balance, while building self confidence is a safe environment. In spring 2017 we launched our Competitive Gymnastics program, equipped with best equipment and taught by our experienced & extensively trained Expatriates, National Gymnastics & dedicated Coaches determined to challenge each individual in their level to achieve their personal best.

This year, we widened our Gymnastics program into 2 categories, Developmental and Competitive Gymnastics.

Developmental Program

It’s a non-competitive class teaching the basic of gymnastics for Baby, Kids & Teens from 6month to 16yo. This program is fitting for anyone who wants to improve their skills learning a new and complete activity. In this class, they will work on the basic of gymnastics focusing on new physical and mental skills having many benefits as: Listening Skills, Confidence, Taking Turns, Following Direction, Coordination, Strength, Balance, Memorization, Self-Esteem, Fine and Gross Motor Skills. They will learn all of the movements in a Fun and Interesting way. The Developmental Program can also identify young talented gymnasts that will do a test having the opportunity to join in the Competitive Program.

Competitive Program

It’s an Academic Program, that consists of Specific Routines that the gymnast must learn exactly. It’s based on USA Gymnastics, that is created with the goal that the gymnasts have a strong gymnastics foundation progressively before advancing to a higher level where they will build their optional routine, based on the skills they have just mastered. For this Program the gymnast has to perform all the skills perfectly, but messes up the specific routine will low the score. With it a routine that looks much better can score much lower because of the very specific rules and perfection in each movement following the combination pre-established. This program brings the same benefits as Developmental Program nd including also: Dedication, Commitment, Focus, Discipline and Expectation Management. The Competitive Program require an invitation to join after being evaluated by a qualified coach.

Level & Age

Crawler 6 mos to 11 mos

Walker 12 to 23 yrs

Jumper 24 to 35 yrs

Tots Gym 3 to 4 yrs

Kids Gym  L1 - 4 to 7 yrs

Kids Gym  L2-up - 4 to 7 yrs

Tween Gym L1 - 6 to 12 yrs

Tween Gym L2-up - 6 to 12 yrs

Teen Gym 11+ yrs

Duration 45-55 minutes
Benefits Reinforce and strengthen growth of health body and mind through more advance routines and exercises that employ speed, balance & flexibility.
Skills Learned Bars, beam, floor, parallel bars, vaulting skills, drills, conditioning, strength, flexibility and endurance exercises.
Curriculum Base RockStar Gym Curriculum & Progressive USAG Jr. Olympics


A cheerleading class that involves more than just cheering the home team to victory or performing crowd-pleasing stunts but also provides many physical, mental and emotional benefits as well as teamwork for children, too.

Level & Age

Cheerleading 4+ years

Duration 50-55 minutes
Benefits Skills Strength-training, cardiovascular, helps children bond and form lifelong friendships
Learned Group Stunt, Pyramid, Cheers and Chants, JUmps, Tumbling
Curriculum Base International Federation of Cheerleading (IFC) 



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