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Dance is the art of movement of the body, usually rhythmically and to music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures. Dance can be categorized and described in various ways. It may be analysed purely by its choreography.

If your kids love jumping, twisting and turning their bodies and singing along to their favorite songs on the radio - then this dance program is for them. Have fun, learn cool dance moves and impress their friends while they improve their stamina, flexibility, rhythm and coordination as our seasoned dance coach guide them through each dance routine with the latest dance songs.

We offer the hottest dance program to spark the interests of our children's mind as they jump, twist, and turn to the latest music in a fun and safe environment every week. Our dance program includes Baby Jam, Baby Dance, Move n Groove, Stage Studio, Street Dance, Street Jazz, Belly Dance, K-Pop, B-Boy Academy, HipHop Academy, and RockJam.

Level & Age

Baby Dance 1 to 3 yrs

Move n Groove 3 to 5 yrs

Stage Studio 4 to 7 yrs

Stage Studio 6 to 12 yrs

Hip Hop Beginner 7+ yrs

Duration 45 - 50 minutes
Benefits  Enchance fitness quality, stamina, self confidence social skills & self expression, strength & balance.
Skills Learned Sing, move, play instruments, imaginative play & dance with props, introduce hip hop modern dance moves, windmill, headspin, pop & lock, crump & funk. 
Curriculum Base Hip Hop Curriculum® & RockStar Gym Curriculum



Jam through the music & revel in an upbeat, fun & energetic dance class. 

Level & Age

RockJam 4 to 7 yrs

RockJam 6+ yrs

Duration 45 minutes
Benefits Cardio workout to increase coordination, stamina & strength through electrifying dance movement & music.
Skills Learned Participate in an exciting program combining music, choreography, & dance moves for a complete body workout.
Curriculum RockStar Gym Curriculum



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