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Rock-Out WorkOut

RockStar Gym Malaysia is stamping its mark as a one-stop, children’s total development centre focusing on personal development with the official launch of its latest RockStar Gym Club at The Mines today.

Speaking at the launch, John Franklin, CEO of RockStar Gym said, “Our programmes put a lot of focus into the development around strength, balance, coordination, agility, rhythm and flexibility while nurturing their social skills, such as confidence, independence and self-esteem. We create opportunities and situations that will encourage the children expressing and practicing those values through a wide range of Sports Activities, instructed by local and international certified instructors.”

Beyond the teaching expertise at RockStar Gym, various programmes and activities are coached following international competitive standards or syllabus set by their respective bodies. RockStar Gym’s programmes stands out as their classes are conducted surrounding our values to build a positive environment by creating winning possibilities for all children by defining success as each child’s “PERSONAL BEST” allowing each child’s physical development to take place at their own pace.

Besides that, classes are also carried-out with values to a make a winner of every child regardless of age, shape, and size. RockStar Gym also ensures that the programmes are focused, fun, exciting, and safe programs that are catered to the developmental stages of our children as demonstrated through at the launch of their newest Club in The Mines.

Launched by John Franklin and Kwangho Choi, COO of RockStar Gym, along with guests Diana Danielle, Julie Woon, Sasha Saidin and Mia Chan, the Club’s launch was highlighted with a Move & Groove session with all guests before opening its doors to the public to experience first-hand the activities of the children and teen’s gym.

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