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Summer Camp

What time is it? It’s SUMMER TIME! Say goodbye to the holiday boredom and say hello to RockStar Gym’s Summer Camp 2017! 

This time around, we are offering two amazing camps – Basketball and Cheerleading! Polish your slam-dunk basketball and tumbling cheerleading skills from as low as RM350. 
*Pssst* we offer special price for students and early signups.

Week 1
29 May - 2 June 2017                    Mon - Fri
  9am - 12pm

 Cheerleading Camp
 7+ yo | All Clubs
 Performance at  Activity  Center of their  respective  Malls    

 Basketball Camp
 U12 | Setiawalk
 Competition within the club : 3 point  shoot out. 3 on 3. most number of  shots in a minute, etc. 

Week 2
5 - 9 June 2017 
Mon - Fri
    9am - 12pm      

  Cheerleading Camp
  7+ yo | Setiawalk
  Competition between 3    clubs at Setiawalk 

 Basketball Camp
 U16 | Setiawalk
 Competition between 3 clubs at  Setiawalk

Hurry up and register! Limited to 40 students per camp.
To register and for more information, call us at:

•    RockStar Gym The Mines: 03-89592080
•    RockStar Gym Tropicana City Mall: 03-77334178
•    RockStar Gym SetiaWalk Mall: 03-58792000

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